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Judicium is a legal consultancy specialising in providing Health & Safety compliance services to businesses in England and Wales.

Regardless of size, every company is affected by Health and Safety regulations that impose duties, obligations and penalties both on the companies concerned and on the management and directors personally.

Our professional Consultants will visit your premises to carry out an audit of your existing practises and procedures and produce a report advising on areas that require attention and implementation. We can also carry out a risk assessment of your workplace and draft a Health & Safety Policy on your behalf.

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Health and Safety Risk assessments  Health and Safety audits  Health and Safety policy  Food safety
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Health and Safety presents one of the most difficult challenges for employers in the UK. Constantly changing legislation in this field means that many organisations struggle to keep up with their legal obligations. Judicium health and safety consultants provide a comprehensive range of health and safety services throughout the UK. Our consultants have the depth of knowledge and experience to help you ensure legal compliance and implement best practice procedures.

Health and Safety Risk assessments   Health and Safety audits   Health and Safety policy   Health and Safety consultants